what is A4C?

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Would you like to know and enjoy contemporary Spanish architecture? Come and live the life of its authors during a week. Three architectural practices from Alicante design three unforgettable architectural experiences. What is A4C? This workshop is conceived as an … Continue reading


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The South of Alicante is an enormous orchard configured by the lower course of the River Vinalopó and the lower meadow of the River Segura. In Elche, we will find an agricultural landscape included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: … Continue reading


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The region of the Alacantí and the Vinalopó Valley down to its end at El Hondo configure the province’s central area. Alicante City will be our centre of operations, containing the places where we will first meet, the CTAA headquarters … Continue reading


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The North of our province is the roughest and most mountainous area. There we can find the last foothills of the Baetic Cordillera that meet the Mediterranean Sea at the easternmost point of the province: Cape Nao. This way we … Continue reading

GRUPO ARANEA welcomes you

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Grupo Aranea is a multidisciplinary group set in Alicante since 1998 and formed by architects, engineers, landscape gardeners, artists, biologists and a sociologist. Grupo Aranea has a special sensitivity for the reinterpretation of geographic contexts as well as for the … Continue reading


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SUBARQUITECTURA (APR 05) is formed by Andrés Silanes (NOV 77), Fernando Valderrama (AGO 79) and Carlos Bañón (OCT 78). They are Architects (OCT 04) and Master in Complex Architetures (2005-2007) by the University of Alicante. They have realized infrastructural works as … Continue reading


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Alicante’s weather is typically Mediterranean, being the Sun its main character. One of the reasons for which Benidorm is the European capital for tourism is because it guarantees 320 days of sun a year and an average yearly temperature of … Continue reading


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What is the Mediterranean diet? Can it be tasted and appreciated far away from the Mediterranean Sea? We are convinced the answer is NO. Therefore, we propose you to discover it in its greatest splendor, guided by some of its … Continue reading


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Alicante is well-known around Europe for being one of the favorite places for enjoying the joie de vivre. Its sun, sea, weather, its extraordinary and healthy gastronomy, its gentle beaches and, specially, its people configure a playful and emotional environment … Continue reading


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Alicante is one of the provinces of the Valencian Community that provides the capital with its name. It is located along the East of Spain and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is precisely the sea what completely characterizes it, … Continue reading