Alicante is one of the provinces of the Valencian Community that provides the capital with its name. It is located along the East of Spain and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is precisely the sea what completely characterizes it, turning the word “Mediterranean” into an adjective that defines its weather with the constant presence of the SUN, its LIFE and CUISINE. This has attracted Tourism and caused a radical transformation throughout the last century. As an example, 25% of its population is foreign people. This phenomenon has also caused the apparition of urban phenomena as impressive as the case of Benidorm (the biggest concentration of skyscrapers along the Mediterranean Coast), the bipolar conurbation of Alicante-Elche or the apparition of more than 26 municipalities over 20.000 inhabitants. This contrasts with its variety of natural landscapes: dunes on endless virgin beaches, pink waters of several lagoons, valleys full of vineyards, a rough coast inhabited by impressive cliffs or the mountains where the snow yearly shows up. In this geographic and cultural context, surrounded by the Mediterranean SUN, LIFE and CUISINE, three architectural practices propose an architectural experience where learning, exchange and leisure are pursued.

If you still need more reasons for joining and participating in A4C, let us introduce you in those MIDDLE places and those in the NORTH and SOUTH coast of the province. Let us show you the pleasures of our LIFE, SUN and CUISINE as well as introducing you to those three offices that will lead you in this unforgettable environment: GRUPO ARANEA, SUBARQUITECTURA and TOMÁS AMAT.


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