The region of the Alacantí and the Vinalopó Valley down to its end at El Hondo configure the province’s central area. Alicante City will be our centre of operations, containing the places where we will first meet, the CTAA headquarters beside the Gabriel Miró Square, and where we will last meet, the sand of San Juan Beach. The Vinalopó Valley at its upper and middle course will be the place where we will meet the internationally well-known Bateig’s stone industry. Also there we will get to know how the famous and delicious Monastrell’s grape is cultivated. This grape is used for elaborating one of the most appreciated wines in the past, the Fondillón, which even is mentioned in literary works by William Shakespeare or Alexandre Dumas. Around this area, we will visit a topographic athletics track designed by one of our hosts, Subarquitectura. After visiting these landscapes, it will be about time to taste them at the restaurants Casa Alfonso in Pinoso and La Sirena in Petrel. But we will also have time to work at the world famous patissier Paco Torreblanca’s workroom. This will be a workshop on construction with sugar and chocolate… We hope the results are delicious.

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